A short history of Northern Secrets

Since our origins in 2008 our philosophy has not changed – putting you, our customer, first. Our whole aim is to create the perfect experience for you and your fellow travellers, clients, friends or colleagues. Our service is completely bespoke and customisable to your requirements, tastes and budget.

We thought it best for Alex, the managing director of Northern Secrets Ltd to tell you a little about the company background in his own words:

"The idea for Northern Secrets (later Ltd) came way back in 1999 after I left school. I always knew running my own company was my aim in life and successfully bringing visitors to Northern England was the intention.

After working in marketing and a successful visit to university studying tourism, urban regeneration and business I felt ready for the potentially biggest challenge so far: setting up a business…

Northern Secrets was born in 2008 from the idea of bringing visitors to this glorious region (if you ask me, Britain’s hidden gem and a completely underestimated part of the world) and provide them with experiences they would never forget. Therefore, our escorted tours are 100% tailor-made, putting you at the heart of everything. We only use personally certified tourist guides (many times myself as I enjoy being among our visitors and sharing my passion for this region) who understand & share the importance of excellent customer service, flexibility and passion to look after all of your needs throughout your visit.

It is that passion for North East England that makes a good guide and then gives a great compassion of the wishes or requirements you may have. I believe you can have all the knowledge in the world but if you can’t tell a good story and understand the needs of your group there is no point in being in this business. Passion, perception and responsiveness are just some of the requirements to create a memorable experience for our clients.

I love my life and the work I do - there is nothing more rewarding than travelling through the most wonderful regions and sharing my experiences, passion and knowledge in an informative, friendly and entertaining way.

At Northern Secrets Ltd we make sure you receive exactly that and more. All tours are designed with you at the heart and all tours are tailored to suit. You can be as involved as you like or leave everything to the experts at Northern Secrets Ltd - giving you that peace of mind.

I am proud of the fact that we can offer such a flexible and personalised service.

This is the foundation Northern Secrets Ltd is based on and shall always remain...

Alexander Jacobs Director, Northern Secrets Ltd

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