Perched on a rocky fringe in Western Europe, welcome to undiscovered (North) Wales – one of the most beautiful and interesting places in Britain.

Delve into historic Wales' heritage along its dramatic coastline, conquering ancient castles, exploring the hidden secrets of historic homes, tracing the trails of pirates and bringing myths and legends to life.

Anyone that built a fortress in the 13th century knew that a clear vista of the sea was an essential factor in castle location, since all manner of attacks might come your way from the coast. Flint Castle was the first of English king Edward I's 'Iron Ring' of fortresses, designed to subdue the Welsh. Conwy, Beaumaris, Caernarfon and Harlech which, together with Conwy Town Walls, form a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the rest of the quintet.

Discover legends, myths and fantastic tales in this mysterious and wonderful land of dragons!